Now I've got snow pictures!

I jinxed myself in a good way - I finally took some cute snow pictures! On Saturday, January 31st I headed over to Central Park just before the sun set to see what the park looked like in the dead of winter. I figured the snow would be melted away from the afternoon sun, but instead everything was white (and black too, as you can see).

I've never seen the park covered in snow before. I was impressed. So I entered the park and walked along the slippery paths towards the pond where ducks and geese fluttered and flew about, picking at seeds thrown by a nearby park goer.

It was cold and I froze so I had to leave, but I was happy to see the animals, including a raccoon.

View from border on 59th Street & 5th Avenue. See it in the summertime.

and on flickr.

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