The Armory art Show

This weekend I discovered that there is a show called The Armory Show. It is an annual international exhibition of modern art, first held on February 17, 1913 in NYC. The art displayed gave many Americans their first taste of modern art and set the stage for such contemporary creativity.

I had never heard of this show before, so I was a little stumped when I got to the outer edge of Manhattan on 55th Street and 12th Avenue, by the Hudson River, for the show being held in Pier 94 and Pier 92. I was out to meet with some fellow photographers who had planned the outing, and it wasn't until a random guy sitting next to me on a bench turned to me and asked, "So what do you think?" I didn't have much to say... so he gave me a little background about the show. And then I went home and googled it.

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  1. Hmmm...I love you seems to be a popular theme as well as reclining costumes that may or may not have a person inside. Nice blast from the recent past!


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