The Museum of Natural History - so much fun!

The truth is, this museum is huge, and there is a lot in it. I can't share every photo of every wallaby, crustacean, roach, duck billed something-or-other, elephant, whale, skeleton, pomeranean (kidding), and what not, but below are some of my favorites. 

I took pictures of most of the exhibits, but those are so flat and strangely back-lit, and while the animal exhibits did impress me, the museum's overall environment and feel inspired me even more. The interior and exterior may be simple and traditional, but that translates to familiar and comfortable—and that is what we all need right now... when we're cold and alone in the winter months of this giant city. 

There's so much to take in... so many people, so many places, all one day and one night at a time.

they're looking at me! (from the african animals exhibit, 3rd floor)

1 green balloon inside the ground floor lobby

Theodore Roosevelt

museum's exterior on Central Park West, close to 81st street

Now I really want to see that movie, Night at the Museum!

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  1. Rent it! It's a cute story and helps you appreciate that statue of Teddy Roosevelt all the more :)


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