The Museum of Natural History - ice skating

I hadn't been inside the Museum of Natural History since I was a pre-teen. My 8th grade class visited NYC and D.C. during a school field trip but I don't remember anything about it. Well now I'm a grown up and ready to take on every museum in the city and blog and post photos about it; remembering each visit and every view forever.

My main attraction to this museum was the Polar Rink - an outdoor skating rink next to the planeterium and along 81st Street. My initial understanding, based on photographs and random details, was that it was an indoor skating rink. Well I was surprised when I got there on the cold day that was Sunday March 1st and it turned out to be outside!

I'd had a busy weekend and was a little drunk still from Sunday brunch, but I was on a mission to see this so-called ice rink (it's not real ice, it's a synthetic, plastic-like material), on its very last day, which was this day (March 1st)!

what a cute bear, er, polar bear

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