"Orange Cafe" as I call it!

There is an awesome, orange filled cafe on 58th Street and 3rd Avenue. It is the ING Direct cafe—where you can save your money! Well, coffee, water, muffins, etc. used to be just $1, but I went in just a few days ago and they were all up to $2. However, the quality is good and the atmosphere is the best! Orange is my favorite color and Promenade Magazine (an NYC Mag) has an article in its Spring Issue telling about the fashionable color, describing it as "the happiest color."

I posted this first picture, taken from a seat on the 2nd floor, on TwitPic and it's gotten the most views of any of the other NYC photos I've got. The orange appeal is popular!


  1. This place looks gorgeous, no wonder this picture is so popular.
    This blog is like a NY tourist guide, but only more stylish and with storytelling photos that I can't find in my dusty history book.

  2. Hey, orange is my favorite color too! I wish I could go there, but I live in Singapore. :(


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