Plaza - Outside Views and Interiors too

Welcome inside The Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue and 59th Street, where wild dreams have come true (your wildest of dreams, however, may not - unless you're rich and classy)! Where Sarah Jessica Parker saw Big with his soon-to-be Bride, where Eloise bugged butlers, where McCauley Culkin outsmarted goofy-looking criminals, where Cary Grant starred in the first ever on set movie back in the late 1950's in North By Northwest, where Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway got married in the biggest chick flick ever...

...where my co-workers and I conversed and sipped champagne on Tuesday night. I wrote about our experience attending a magazine launch party inside one of The Plaza's private residences where I switched back and forth from being party-goer/wishful-socialite (yeah, right) to candid photographer, capturing outside views and interiors too.

A party at the Plaza.... is... well, there's just nothing like it! Here's to hoping we get invited to another one!

A peek inside the elevator on the south side of the lobby

A view of the ceiling inside The Palm Court

View from the 6th floor residence where the party was held

View of Bergdorf's and 5th Avenue, looking south

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