Park Slope, Brooklyn

Fellow Bloggers and avid NYC photographers, I have learned something: There are far more beautiful brownstones in Brooklyn than there are in Manhattan!

I came across the pointiest, curviest, brownest and beige-iest brownstones in a neighborhood called Park Slope last Sunday and I swear, it makes you want to uproot yourself from wherever you live and move on down to the Slope!

It was a colorful, clear Spring day but with the wind and weather, it felt like a brisk winter day (whatever brisk means, I dunno...).

I happened to go on a mini-road trip through Brooklyn with a friend who needed to stop by a restaurant in Bayrdidge where she left her credit card the night before so we stopped first in Park Slope for a little window shopping and sight-seeing. We walked along 7th Avenue (the main stretch—that and 5th Avenue), from 14th Street down to Garfield Place and over to Grand Army Plaza.

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