Sightings in Alphabet City

On Sunday June 7th I had a birthday brunch to get to at The Sunburnt Cow in Alphabet City. The Sunburnt Cow is a popular brunch spot because of the endless drink special ($10 all you can drink "Moo-mosas", "Moo-Marys", and so on). I can't really take advantage since I can only handle about 1 drink at a time, but my friends all love to go and the food is actually really good!

Located all the way over on Avenue C between 8th & 9th Streets, the restaurant is a far walk from the 8th Street subway stops over in Astor Place (3rd Avenue-ish), and once you reach the neighborhood of Alphabet City, you wish it wasn't so far because there are so many cool spots and unique stores and restaurants that you'll want to visit over and over again. One place called "Life Cafe" caught my attenion with the saying, "Enjoy Life Every Day" on it's awning. Here's a pic.

I would love to bring an out-of-towner here sometime!

Inside La Plaza Cultural (a junky park) on Avenue C bet. 8th & 9th Streets

Mural on 10th Street near the corner of Avenue C

Outside The Sunburnt Cow

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