Dali in SoHo

Inside the William Bennett Gallery at 65 Green Street in SoHo are 150 or so proofs, prints, photographs and other works by the Surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. I've been a fan of his since high school, so when I heard of about this exhibition running through the summer, I knew I needed to stop by at some point.

The outside of the gallery is a little surreal, with one of Dali's drooping clocks on display by the front window, willing passersby to come in. The gallery itself is a beautiful, two-story space with gleaming hardwood floors, long, stretching wall space and several little rooms with couches and coffee tables for viewers to rest in. 

I really liked this gallery and the collection of Dali's work that was chosen for display. The exhibition, titled Persistence of Dali, contained pieces that most people and even artists or art history buffs may never have seen before. The collection was well related and curated, and a treat for any art enthusiast as a lot of these Dali works are rare and unique!

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  1. I finally made it to this exhibit after reading this post. I felt some of the prints were not that great although some were spectacular. The best thing I took away from seeing the exhibit is that I can well afford a Dali signed print if I wanted. It just may not be one of the nicer ones...still, $2000-$3000 is difficult to justify in this financial climate.


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