French Festival: Bastille Day

There was a very interesting French festival on Sunday called Bastille Day  taking place along 60th Street on the East side of town. There were Can-Can dancers, information booths (about the French), food and treats to enjoy. There were plenty of people there and a friend and I enjoyed some really great crepes.

From there we ended up at the bottom of Central Park on 5th Avenue and 59th Street where there is an interesting new structure that people can both look at and interact with.

Additionally, 60th Street is beautiful street and is great to take a stroll along! See below for some of the views it offers:

American and French flags raised on Bastille Day

Interesting new structure by Central Park on 5th & 60th: Franz West's 'The Ego and the Id'.

View of the sculpture with the Plaza Hotel in the background

View down 60th Street towards Columbus Circle

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