DUMBO sights and sites

While out visiting the galleries in DUMBO, a friend and I wandered out to Brooklyn Bridge Park to get a view of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and the east side of Manhattan's skyline.

You can see the skyline on the east side isn't much (I think that is either the East Village, Lower East Side or Murray Hill that you can see across the water), but the blue Manhattan Bridge is impressive enough. 

This is one of my favorite places in the city, and it is one of the most active. On Thursday's they have movies on the lawn by the Brooklyn Bridge and on Tuesdays they have yoga. Then just a few blocks away is the famous pizza place Grimaldi's, where there is always a line outside waiting!

You can see the Empire State Building in this shot!

View of Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan

There are always post-wedding shots going on out here!


  1. omg! i think you are my new fave new york photo blogger! i too am shy behind the camera...see my shots at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpinlac. keep up the great writing and insight!

  2. have you been to the movies at the brooklyn bridge? i tried the hudson river movies at pier 54 on wednesday and left before the movie started. you had to sit on concrete (with a blanket, but still) and it was so crowded that i would have been like a football field away from the screen, so i was worried about hearing the movie. just looking for other outdoor movie options to hit up.

  3. I haven't been yet. Just happened to walk by when they were showing Raising Arizona on July 9th and here's their upcoming schedule


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