Times Square during the day

Times Square is a place I find myself in at least once a week. Having lived in the city for almost three years, it's not normal protocol for a local to be found here, but I can't help it that the subways all stop here and I have events to get to that are nearby! (and really, I'm happy to spend time here; rather than avoid it I embrace it!)

Times Square during the day is quite a sight. Nothing like it is at night...

Looking south towards 42nd Street (from 49th)

The tkts booth at 47th and Broadway

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  1. I used to hate going outside of my comfort zone but since I have I have learned so much more about the city. I still have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Times Square. I caught a movie over the weekend with someone and that theater and the sidewalk was so crowded I was developing claustrophobia, the dreaded fear of Santa Claus...


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