A few odd things around NYC

I was inspired by Nick and LevysUniqueNY on Twitter to write a post about some odd signs and sights I've spotted around the city. Some I see every day, some I saw a long time ago but never forgot, and some I see on occasion.

Lost sock sign in the Upper East Side on 2nd Avenue & 65th Street
(spotted almost a year ago)

Spotted in front of the Whitney Museum on Madison Avenue
and 75th Street

In the Upper West Side on 74th Street between Central Park West
and Columbus—a street sign that reads "Baxter" in an apartment window

An upside down Pedestrian sign on Spring Street in SoHo

"Pray", written on door handle of an NW subway

1 comment:

  1. love the lost sock sign! Lol.
    Weird that I have a picture of the same "pray" and I've seen that subway car more than once!


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