Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Ever since last summer I've been meaning to get out to Flushing Meadows to visit the park and see the famous Unisphere and Pavillion from where the 1964 World's Fair took place. But it rained almost every day last summer so it wasn't ideal for sight-seeing.

This summer the weather's been great but it's been so hot—too hot for outdoor adventures. So I waited until it cooled down over Labor Day weekend and fit in some kayaking, picnicking in Central Park and a visit to this unique place located in Queens.

Joseph from I Still Heart New York and I took the 7 train out to Mets-Willett Point where the old Shea Stadium used to be and where the US Open is taking place (nearby at the USTA Tennis Center) [sorry if I got any of that wrong. I don't know much about tennis or football].

I got a nice tour of the grounds, including a walk over Amphitheater Bridge out to Meadow Lake and past Queens Theater and the new skating park.

Best of all, I finally got to see the giant globe of the Earth that can be spotted in many movies and TV shows (think King of Queens), and even from the sky...

The Unisphere
From King of Queens...

The observation towers, which were used in the Men In Black movie!
Observation Towers in Flushing Meadows Park

The Pavillion
The Pavillion in Flushing Meadows Park

The Unisphere again

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