Remembering September 11th

Last year on September 11th I was visiting family in Florida and I was disappointed I couldn't be in the city to take pictures down by Ground Zero again.

This year I went down in the afternoon after watching some of the ceremonies on TV and despite the many crowds of protesters, I made my way to the old site of the Twin Towers. It wasn't too crowded; it was pleasant and I had the chance to reflect on the events that made history nine years ago on this day.

And I've never been downtown when it wasn't beautiful. Whether it was in the summertime for a visit to South Street Seaport, or in the wintertime for a mini-photo shoot of the holiday tree in front of the Stock Exchange, or when it's almost Fall and Labor Day has passed and it's time to visit the place I once visited as a kid.

Inside the World Financial Center, looking out onto Ground Zero

The Flags of Heroes and Honor in Battery Park

The Sphere sculpture that used to stand between the two Towers
Interesting background about the Sphere on Wikipedia

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  1. My head is spinning over these great pics and all these blog posts! Yay! More creativity for creative types! By that, I mean you, of course;)
    I knew something was probably up at Battery Park over the solemn weekend but I was too tired from seeing everything else so I thank you for sharing these pics of the area and the flags.


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