Boating on The Lake

Last fall my friends and I went boating on The Lake on a cool October day. I think it was warmer this time around when we went in mid-November! It was the perfect weekend to be in the park, and the same weekend as the 3 tours I went on with the Central Park Conservancy.

It's been getting colder but I will continue to visit the park just as often because I plan on getting a new digital camera to take nature shots with. I'm thinking of purchasing a Canon Rebel T2i so that I can start learning more technical skills and have more features to work with.

The Boathouse
The Central Park Boathouse

View toward Bow Bridge and the west side of the Park
Central Park lake

After passing under Bow Bridge
Bow Bridge

A turtle sunning himself on a nearby rock

Paddling around The Lake
Boating in Central Park

About to row through a nearby tunnel
Light view

One of 4 wedding photo shoots we saw taking place around The Lake
Wedding on the rocks


  1. Row boating is fun there :) Although the oars were kinda squeaky haha.

  2. Hey you got the photo of the family whose toy boat we rescued :)


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