Orbs in the Upper East Side

Time to take a break from Central Park (but not in real life—I spent all day Sunday there and plan to be back the day after Thanksgiving for some more free tours with the conservancy!)

I just wanted to post these photos to let everyone know about an interesting exhibit that is up at the Vilcek Foundation Gallery at 167 East 73rd Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue. It is up through Thursday, December 9th, so you still have time to see the exhibit if you are in town. They are only open until 6 pm though, but are open on Saturdays. I went 2 Saturdays ago with some photo friends and we had fun interacting with the current exhibit: Toshiko Nishikawa: Senbazuru, which is made up of 1,000  mirrored glass orbs hanging from the ceiling. You can view your changing reflection in the orbs and touch a number of pieces with a slinky-like wire connecting them to the ceiling.


orbs floating

Winter Wonderland scene

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  1. Seeing these pics makes me want to go see it again!


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