The Conservatory Garden

The Conservatory Garden is located in the Northeast region of Central Park, with an entrance at 105th Street and 5th Avenue. After almost four years of living in the city, I can't believe I have only been here once—and that I only discovered it just in time for the cold winter season :-/

If I can, I will make it back to explore before it gets too cold, or wait until the first snowfall and brave the slush for a chance to see the garden covered in a white powdery blanket. Actually... I can't wait!

View from the entrance at 105th Street
Conservatory Garden at 105th

View from the wisteria pergola
View from the wisteria pergola

Fountain in the large Italian garden
Fountain in the gardens

wisteria pergola
The Wisteria Pergola

Allée lined with crabapple trees
Wedding photos in the secret garden

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  1. Great pictures! Northern Central park is beautiful, I love the conservatory gardens.


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