Teardrop Park

In Battery Park City there are several parks within the main park. I had the chance to tour one of them a couple weekends ago, called Teardrop Park. It opened in 2004 and lies on a plot of land with the basic shape of a 'tear drop'. I believe the park also gets its name from a lake named "Teardrop" that is located in the Catskills and empties out into the Hudson River. The tour guide described how when you are in this somewhat small park, you are surrounded by nature and the buildings are like mountains.

Surrounded by some beautiful residential buildings, Teardrop Park is also near Rockefeller Park and is usually visited by kids and families who frequent that park and the residents who live nearby.

This large rock wall  is built out of sedimentary rock

Tunnel connecting the two areas of the park separated by the wall

Play area for children with a sandpit, slide and theater steps

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