New sculpture in Madison Square Park

When walking past Madison Square Park after one day, I had to stop and do a double take in disbelief. A tall, glowing white face with a warped shape was sticking out of the main lawn, set against a backdrop that included the similarly stretched Flat Iron Building and the surrounding trees.

This is by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, who based the sculpture off of a previous piece he did in England, titled "Dream." NYC's version of it is "Echo"—a young girl with a braid in her hair, standing 44 feet tall and made of polyester resin.

The St. Helens Star came across some of my photos of it on Twitter and used them in an article that ties this piece back to the original "Dream" sculpture Plensa did in St. Helens, England. Check it out!

"Echo" & the Clocktower


"Echo" & the Flat Iron

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