Tribeca Towers & Buildings...

If I could afford to live anywhere in Manhattan, it would be in Tribeca. Everything seems better down there—the buildings, restaurants, stores, waterfront views, transportation, etc.

Every time I am in that part of town, I am so impressed and inspired by the architecture and the atmosphere. It's the perfect mix of business district and residential/family friendly.

And as you can see, on a cloudy yet sunny day, I am constantly looking up and admiring the way these buildings and towers stand against the perfectly accented sky....

Frank Gehry's new residental condo downtown: New York
New York by Frank Gehry

The Cosmopolitan Hotel on the corner of Chambers Street & W. Broadway
The Cosmopolitan Hotel

View toward the Woolworth Building, one of the oldest skyscrapers in NYC on Broadway & Park Place
View from a parking lot

Tribeca buildings

Cool buildings on Chambers Street between Church & W. Broadway
Tribeca Street

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