Scenes from the 2011 Mermaid Parade

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade... I go every year and I just love it! It felt so amazing to return to Coney Island on Saturday, June 18th, since my last visit in June 2010 for last year's parade. I used to go lay out on the beach every weekend with my friends back in the Summer of '08, but these same friends moved away and I haven't been back as much since. Then Astroland closed down in September of '08 and we all thought that would be the end of Coney Island. But it is still thriving, thanks to the new Luna Park and various flea markets occupying the former fair grounds.

It was vey crowded, but I didn't mind. This is a magical, historical place and it's important to me to try and visit every year that I live in New York. The only other day when it's this crowded is on the 4th of July during the hot-dog eating contest. Believe me, I've been!!

This year, I vowed to walk in the parade for next year (maybe as a Hula Girl?) and to also return to the park again this summer to ride some of the new Luna Park amusement rides. But not on July 4th...

Golden Girl
Golden Girl


Ice Skater float
Ice skater

My friend calls the man below, "The Guy" because he always
sees this guy around the City at festivals, parades, shows, etc.
"That Guy"

Got a kick out of these guys: "Life of Pi"
Life of Pi

Sorry, no naked Mermaid pics. I'm a chick so...

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  1. Very nice post and pics! I have never been there on the 4th of July yet.


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