Museum Mile Festival - 2011

Every year I look forward to the Museum Mile Festival, taking place on 5th Avenue between 82nd and 105th Streets. Last year I followed the inspiration quotes of artist James De La Vega down the mile and captured pictures of Central Park and the City from the Met Roof top.

In 2009 I went inside the Guggenheim Museum despite the crowds, and admired the quotes and chalk drawings along the way.

This year my friends and I teamed up to walk the mile from top to bottom, hoping to catch a glimpse of De La Vega in action, and we did! See below for all of the fun that was had admiring his quotes and writing our own!

De La Vega in action - writing his famous "Become Your Dream"
"Become Your Dream"

Joe drawing Andrew Wyeth's 'Christina's World'
Joe's drawing Christina's World

With De La Vega's "Become Your Dream" quote
"Become You Dream"!

Close-up of the fish... becoming their dream...
Fish becoming their dream

Friends jumping in front of the Guggenheim
Guggenheim jumping

My sidewalk quote:
Time quote on Museum Mile

Admiring my quote

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