Another view from above

I still always pick a window seat when I fly in and out of the City. I recently went on a trip home to Florida and when I came back I had my usual window seat on the middle, right side of the plane. Half an hour or so before we land, the pilot announces that we are "beginning our descent into the New York area" or "into La Guardia" and so I know it's time to get my camera out and get ready to capture the City from above.

First I notice the big red parachute jump in Coney Island in Brooklyn. It looks little from up above, and so does Dino's Wonder Wheel and the famous Cyclone roller coaster.

Coney Island
Coney Island

Then I see the flat land of Brooklyn, including a few parks and lots of highways. 


And for the first time this time around, I notice Governor's Island, which is between Brooklyn and Staten Island, and below the southern tip of Manhattan.

Governor's Island
Governor's Island from above

And the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridges

Once we fly past Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, we fly above Midtown and I spot my favorite building with the gold top—the New York Life Insurance Building on 27th Street and Madison Avenue by Madison Square Park and the Flat Iron Building.

New York Life Insurance Building and Midtown (Chelsea/Gramercy)
Gold top

Just a few blocks north of the gold top, is the Empire State Building at the corner of 34th Street and 5th Avenue. It is a tall, slender sight.

The Empire State Building
Empire State Building from above

And the easiest City place to spot out my window is Central Park. You can see the Reservoir and the ball-fields from above it.

Central  Park

Central Park from above

And when I see Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, I know we are close to making that right turn towards Queens and our "descent" into La Guardia airport, where I'm bound to catch the bus back home to the Upper West Side.

Yankee Stadium

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  1. You always get the best pics from the plane! I never feel like I see any of this stuff... maybe I'm always too tired/excited to be coming back home to notice - as always, you've inspired me!


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